Highways Performance Space and Moon Mile Run present the world premiere of Bang Bang, the newest addition to Michael Kearns' arsenal of theatrical work that examines societal "headline" contentions with uncompromising passion. Inspired by the myriad responses to gun violence in America – from Sandy Hook to Ferguson – Bang Bang, directed by Mark Bringelson, weaves a battered, shredded tapestry of characters who face the consequences of what happens when the trigger is pulled.

Peter, one of the play's main characters, is a documentary filmmaker and his film-in-progress (titled Bang, Bang), reveals the heartbroken lives of the viscerally wounded. The documentary that is being filmed becomes the play: a collage of confessionals and testimonies, intimacies of sexual rage and arias of palpable loss.

A man loses his black son in a white cop shooting; a woman loses her husband and daughter in a random school shooting; an elderly man plans to off his wife, who is in the throes of Alzheimer's; a prostitute murders her boyfriend-pimp; a gay therapist morphs into a meth-addicted serial killer; a cop relives his experience of removing children from a schoolroom that was "a sea of blood."

But Peter's film shoot is interrupted by Padric, a charismatic Irish con-man who steals not only hearts, but stories...

Bang Bang is both a departure and a familiar undertaking for Kearns. His motifs – addiction, sexuality, familial unrest, HIV/AIDS, Hollywood – are extant in this endeavor. Bang Bang was initially workshopped last year at Skylight Theatre Company, as part of its INKubator Play Reading Series.

Bang Bang's director Mark Bringelson believes, "It is one of the most fearless new plays I have ever tackled! The story-telling in this play creates a devastating, compelling tension on several levels. These are engaging people dealing with uncertainty, lies, love, and the most horrific life-and-death events. The gun culture, insane violence, sex gone wild as a weapon, media fame, and the HIV virus are all uniquely and intricately woven together to form the most human and, perhaps, humane landscape."

TICKETS: General admission tickets are $20 in advance ($15 for students, Highways members, and seniors) and can be purchased here. Reservations may also be made by calling 310-315-1459. Additional information is available at


Three artists who each wears multiple hats—including (but not limited to) director, actor, producer, playwright, singer, blogger, poet, teacher, dramaturge—have thrown their chapeaus into the production ring to create Moon Mile Run. MMR will dedicate itself to breaking artistic boundaries by telling stories that are conjured by the name of their newly formed company: Athletic. Quixotic. Romantic.

Bang Bang—written by Kearns, directed by Bringelson, starring Shelton—is not only an example of the blending of their talents, it is a manifestation of their mission: to tell truths that are unspoken, reveal worlds that are unvisited, connect to a larger world that looms unknown and out of reach, and bring it closer. Moon Mile Run (under the umbrella of Indecent Exposure Theater Company) will proceed with daring, muscle, intelligence, and a combined innovative spirit that will pump the artistic landscape.

Wrap Production Journal Day 3:
Interview with our director Michael Kearns.

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