“Working with Michael Kearns is life altering and career enhancing.”
Rex Lee, star of Entourage

Michael Kearns’ Classes include Scene Study, Life Into Action Personal Coaching, and all aspects of Coaching Solo Performance. Former students include actors Rex Lee (Lloyd on HBO’s Entourage) and Mickey Cottrell (Shortbus, The Fluffer, Apt Pupil, My Own Private Idaho); writers Noel Alumit (Talking To The Moon, Letters to Montgomery Clift) and Eduardo Santiago (Tomorrow They Will Kiss); writer-performer Luis Alfaro, recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and was twice awarded the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays.

For more than twenty-five years, Kearns has been teaching, primarily in the Los Angeles area, where he has earned a reputation as a teacher who is as compassionate as he is tough, determinedly helping each student work from their authentic self. His acclaimed book, Acting = Life, details his methodology which stresses personalization; discovering that life and acting cannot be separate. Group classes (all levels) meet Sunday mornings in Silverlake. Acting class virgins welcome.

John W. McLaughlin
Frustrated and defeated, I had given up an acting career nearly a decade prior to meeting Michael. Although I was a classically-trained actor from New York, I had never felt comfortable in myself or my abilities as an actor and had a counter-productive habit of attempting to camouflage my true self for the comfort of other industry professionals. Michael created a safe and nurturing environment where, for the first time, I was able to allow my intrinsic self to become the foundation for all my work. Michael encouraged me to fearlessly capitalize on my own life experiences, resulting in the best work of my career thus far. Since beginning my work with Michael in both a Scene Study Class and Private Coaching, I have experienced him uncover the true authentic actor inside of me as well as other students who swore they would never have the confidence to speak in front of a group, let alone perform a scene. He is truly gifted in his intuition and he creates a safe and supportive environment where self-confidence flourishes and everyone feels equally welcomed. Since beginning my work with Michael, I've booked two films and have been cast as a regular in a new web-series. With Michael's guidance, I have gained not only a more successful career, but more importantly, a more successful life.


While not selling himself as a therapist, Kearns’ astute insights into human behavior, resulting from having spent his entire life in the theatre, qualify him as a life coach. He utilizes the artistic process to explore issues including (but not limited to) homophobia, racism, abandonment, and addiction. Individual sessions.

Derek Meeker
I am a former lawyer who left my career in academia two and half years ago to become a full-time actor and writer Leaving behind an established career and life on the east coast to pursue my creative dreams in Los Angeles has been freeing and overwhelming at times. Having Michael as a life coach and writing mentor has made it more manageable, enabling me to be more productive. Michael has an uncanny knack for quickly identifying your creative and emotional blocks and devising exercises and practical tools to help you break through them.


Kearns has written, performed, directed, produced, and functioned as dramaturge for dozens of solo performances throughout the past three decades. His reputation as a “guru of solo” is confirmed by numerous awards, as well as two biblical books on the subject: Getting Your Solo Act Together and the Solo Performer’s Journey, From The Page To The Stage.

Derek Ringold
I met Michael a little over a year ago when I was given his name to contact about directing my solo performance, The Process. From my first meeting with him, I knew that I had met the right man for the job. Not only was I in capable hands in terms of developing the story of my life for the stage, I also felt such immense trust with him, which is so important when putting together a solo show. I knew I needed to go as deep as possible and Michael pushed me to the core of my art, chipping away layers of protection and avoidance. It was definitely not an easy feat for me, dealing with these heartbreakingly personal issues of growing up a black, gay man, but Michael created an environment that was safe for me to express those deep thoughts and feelings. All the pent up rage, frustration, impatience, and fear that I was going through, Michael helped me to face head on, put it on paper, and then take it to its feet. I am truly blessed to have met Michael, who in the course of this “process” has inspired me—not just as a performer, but as an activist, a writer, a producer, and a fighter. He has helped me to move into a more purposeful and mature chapter in my life, one where I will never look back on the laziness and defeat of my past. Anyone who works with Michael will learn something about themselves that is not only valuable to their art, but to their lives.
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